The way to Select a Wire Or Cable

When you are about to purchase wire or cable for the first time, or even in case you have bought it within the past, you might discover the process daunting. Immediately after all, most distributors stock a large number of wire and cable products. Your application may demand ribbon cable, but which precise ribbon cable need to you acquire? Possessing possibilities is very important, but with so many choices, decision-making can become overwhelming. Get additional data about สายคอนโทรล


Do you realize what questions to ask? Prior to beginning a search, equip oneself using the appropriate information. Background details combined with basic preparation can provide you with some command through the shopping for process. In the article, "Specifying High-Performance Cables: The Devil Is In the Specifics," by Alpha Wire Company, they evaluate four major troubles to be thought of. These are cable shielding, flexibility, chemical resistance, and temperature variety.




When purchasing cable, you'll want to discover cable shielding. Shielding ensures that the electrical process runs smoothly. An engineer will inform you shielding minimizes issues of signal exit or entrance caused by interference. Varieties supplied incorporate braid, foil, spiral, or perhaps a combination braid/foil shield. Every kind has advantages and disadvantages:


Foil Shields:


Uses: CATV, MATV, Video, laptop or computer I/O cables


Benefits: 100% cable coverage, low weight and low cost


Disadvantages: Higher DC resistance and decrease mechanical strength


Braid Shields:


Uses: Computer systems to terminate interconnect for process or control applications


Advantages: Fantastic structural integrity, flexibility and flex life Disadvantages: Will not supply full coverage, heavy


Spiral Shield:


Uses: Microphone, audio cables and retractile cords


Advantages: Fantastic flexibility and flex life


Disadvantages: Not powerful above audio frequency range


Mixture Shields:


Uses: Video, CATV, MATV, networking, laptop or computer I/O cables


Benefits: 100% foil coverage, sturdy and low resistance


Disadvantages: Higher price than other shields


Chemical Resistance


An engineer will inform you that electrical cables possess numerous levels of chemical resistance, but there might be a lot more to it. It is best to know which chemical compounds could present a potential problem in the complete lifespan of one's cable. Also, take into account that oils and corrosive chemical vapors or liquids could potentially enter in to the cable connections. Any kind of chemical intrusion could bring about cable failure. You may require to add further sealing to stop moisture permeation.




Temperature range is an additional important aspect in the mix of factors. What temperatures will your cable need to withstand to become effective? You could find that a cable possesses all the essential electrical functions necessary for intense temperatures, but will it be able to adapt to the physical demands related with that temperature?


Flexibility and Flex


A flexible cable could make installation and troubleshooting significantly easier. Even so, did you understand that "flexing" is often a distinctive concern that desires to become addressed? Due to the nature of quite a few manufacturing applications, cables may perhaps encounter continual flexing. Unique cables are constructed better for this than others.




There is certainly more to acquiring the best cable than meets the eye. Never be intimidated by alternatives. A cable exists for just about each and every atmosphere and application for those who know what to look for. Spend some time asking the correct concerns and think about just about every angle.

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