Guide to Granite and Marble Cleaning

All granites are porous; what usually harms the finish on granite would be the harsh chemical compounds contained in soap, shampoo, perfume, and cosmetics, the minerals in difficult water, household cleaning agents that are very acidic or alkaline in nature; all foods and beverages will not be neutral when measured around the PH scale, many of which contain citric acid as a preservative. Get more facts about granite polishing machine


Cleaning granite is extremely very simple, a standard kitchen with granite countertops and an island, or possibly a stall shower with granite walls and floor, takes no greater than one hour of actual work time to clean with very good top quality products. Follow these two measures and you will be amazed.


Step One: Cleaning the granite surface, it truly is vital that a appropriate cleanser be used to maintain the granite surface clean and sanitary. Due to the delicate granite finish, use products which are formulated to safely clean and not harm the granites' surface colour, clarity, or gloss. These cleaning products are simply applied to the granite surface, basically use a pad inside a circular hand motion to clean and take away any surface dirt; subsequent, rinse the granite surface with clean water and be sure the granite surface is dry ahead of sealing the granite.


Step Two: Sealing, polishing, and safeguarding the granite surface. To do this, basically apply a clear, deep penetrating, solvent based, impregnating sealer for polished granite and let it penetrate for at least one hour. Subsequent, apply a light coating of a granite polish product to the surface to assist to enhance the granites' colour, gloss, and repellency of water, oil, and dirt penetration. Polishing is usually carried out manually or by machine, the easiest way is always to use a micro fiber mesh specially designed for granite polishing.


It is advised twice a year, sealing, plus polishing and defending your granite. Each of those preventative maintenance actions are crucial in safeguarding the natural beauty and value of your granite and but they're so swift and simple to apply.


All marbles are soft and porous except for the dark green species which behave like granite. Please use products that had been specially created for marble cleaning and follow two easy measures: cleaning first, then sealing, polishing, and defending the marble surface.

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