CORONA STREET - Living With Novel Corona Virus or Covid 19 - A Wishful Pondering

Now that the novel corona virus has develop into par for the course of our contemporary life, there is no other way out apart from living with it. In my earlier post titled 'Living with Novel Corona Virus or Covid 19', which was published right here a few weeks previous, I just explained the preliminary precautions that one have to take while living with the novel corona virus or Covid 19. It was just a short note explaining the defensive solutions by which one can stay away from the possibility of a novel corona virus attack. Get much more data about


Nevertheless, right here my intention is substantially broader.


I am not here to elucidate the scientific or medical assessment in the present predicament, which can be the creation on the novel corona virus. I'm not here to explain the suggestions put forward by specialist medical specialists or the WHO.


I want to address the complete international community to assert my contention, also as to beseech every person for working for the betterment of human life. I am here simply to beg for human bonding.


Let the novel corona virus (Covid 19) turn out to be a twist of fate; let us take this chance as a sensible chance to acquire united, at the very least mentally. Yeah, this novel corona virus has given us the extremely preferred break! Let us unite, forgetting each of the regional, national, and religious barriers and grow to be partners in developing up a new international neighborhood. Bear in mind, when such a pandemic occurs, humans are on one side, plus the enemy is around the other side. This sensible truth basically explains that we are all from one class, and that may be the human race. The novel corona virus has taught us this fact emphatically.


Let our young children breathe fresh air; let them have a lot more humane character than we. Let them turn out to be Worldwide CITIZENS rather as restricted nationalists. Restricted nationalism implies restricted humanism, and restricted humanism implies sophisticated or masqueraded barbarism.


By restricted nationalism, I mean decreasing to oneself, to the few alphabets of one's name, religion, country, in lieu of pondering in par with all the well-known Aristotle quote, "Man is usually a social animal." Let us get started thinking significant; let us throw away the undesirable techniques of thinking, stuffed with petty regionalism or religionalism. Let us get out on the linguistic barriers; let us free our minds and turn out to be one entity!


Immediately after all, we are human, and we are able to admit the fact! We will have to admit that we're all human. We're all from one ethnic group; we belong to one family, which implies that we're all humans. We can make use on the opportunity provided by the novel corona virus to our betterment, the betterment of our human society.


Please have an understanding of that human life is extremely fragile. As we know now, even the tiniest with the tiny virus, the novel corona virus, Covid 19, which one can't pick out using the naked eyes, is capable of wiping out human existence! You don't need any human-made destructive mechanisms to devastate our pretty globe!


See what exactly is happening towards the current social situation! Schools have stopped functioning! All religious institutions stay closed! Pragmatically, human life has develop into a lot more or much less paralyzed! People fear to move about the streets freely! Besides, there is certainly an official ban for performing so in several of the countries! Officially, they contact it 'lockdown'. Worry has gripped every person, and everywhere one can see an air of uncertainty.


So, let us be aware of this reality as regards the fragility of life! Let us grab the sensible essence of this fact! Let us love one one more and grow to be novel human beings. The novel corona virus has provided us a golden opportunity to turn out to be global citizens.


Let us not neglect to utilize this chance and unite. This opportunity may be our last bus, and so, rush inside or else, we may get stranded.

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