Coliving Apps That Make Sharing Living Space a Breeze

Coliving is amazing. Definitely, we here at WiFi Tribe believe so. Sharing living space with other people could be the best strategy to discover your family away from home. But as people who live and breathe technology, needless to say we’ll have a set of coliving apps to help us! Get much more details about coliving apps


Just like it really is inside your family or your housemates, coliving comes having a few challenges. Who paid for what and how much? How do you maintain everybody informed of all the details regarding the group? Who’s in charge of cleaning what? How do you share these images every person is taking without having to switch a dozen USB-drives back and forth?


The answer: coliving apps. There is certainly an app for almost everything today. The majority of them aren’t created especially to get a coliving community, but that doesn’t make them any much less beneficial in having and staying organized. We use a number of unique apps for the duration of our WiFi Tribe chapters, so we thought we’d share our favorites at the same time as our experiences with them to help your coliving community stay on major of things.


Coliving Apps for Communication

Communication is key in all relationships - such as coliving communities. No matter whether you’re producing plans for weekend trips or nightly adventures, organizing birthday parties, planning a workshop or just sharing the newest cool cafe someone identified, keeping everybody in touch and up to date is essential for staying connected inside and growing as a neighborhood.


Pretty much every person and their dog’s fleas uses Whatsapp presently. Establishing a group with every person who’s sharing the coliving quarters is simple and considering that most people already use it, no introduction is necessary.


Whatsapp has its drawbacks as a coliving app for bigger groups, even though. It’s a lengthy stream of text messages from everybody in the group speaking about each and every topic to their heart’s content. In the event the group is just semi-active on Whatsapp, odds are that specific items will get lost in that stream and people will miss significant announcements. There is certainly no way to sort these topics into singular threads, unless you open a brand new Whatsapp group for every topic - which can be pretty a hassle.


If the group is only chatting about the most basic items that concern everyone, Whatsapp is often enough along with the easiest selection. But understanding a coliving community’s penchant for sharing factors, we advocate reaching slightly higher in these coliving app stars.

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