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Raising backyard chickens for meat just isn't what most people frequently start off raising chickens for. The standard person starts raising backyard chickens for eggs and pets. A friend of mine in no way planned to eat any of her birds but she had too quite a few roosters one spring because of a hen hiding a clutch of eggs, along with the rest is history. She keeps chickens for eggs but has expanded and now raises meat birds especially for her family. Get extra data about


Not every person can raise, kill after which consume the chickens they raised in their backyard. But, should you are able to adjust your thoughts set and commence to consider your chickens as food sources, I think it tends to make it a lot easier to make the transition to raising backyard chickens for meat.


There are actually chickens which you raise for their egg production and chickens that you simply raise for their meat. Every single type of chicken has different food needs and taking care of backyard chickens as food sources in fact demands careful planning on your part. As a result, your strategy for raising your egg laying flock may not be applicable to get a meat creating group.


There are quite a few items that you really need to consider when you thinking of raising backyard chickens for meat.


Picking a Breed:


When contemplating the chicken breeds accessible you are able to pick egg layers, dual purpose breeds, and / or meat birds. The egg layers are these that happen to be in a position to lay good quality eggs, the meat birds are these which can be capable to be wonderful sources of chicken meat, when the dual goal breeds are those which can do an sufficient job of each becoming a meat source or an egg source.


But, should you are raising backyard chickens for meat, you must get meat birds. Breeds which are classified as meat birds usually grow very rapidly and have frames which might be substantial and perfect for acquiring meat.

Some breeds that you just may perhaps need to take into consideration consist of: Cornish, Orpingtons, or Giants.


Acquiring A Rooster:


You can find diverse approaches to acquiring your meat birds. You may opt to purchase chicks from a hatchery which may be much more hassle-free but they commonly treat chicks with antibiotics which I do not like if I am going to consume a bird.

A less costly strategy to get your chicks is to have a rooster or two around to fertilize the eggs of the chickens. Then you will know what your chicks happen to be fed. So long as they're raised from healthy stock and are fed properly, there isn't any ought to feed your chicks antibiotics.


Just before you run out and get roosters, you should check your local laws to find out if they in fact let you to maintain roosters as part of the backyard chicken flock. This is simply because some states do not enable this maybe as a result of the fact that roosters can usually make a lot of noise as in comparison with the hens. Roosters do not just crow within the morning! They have a tendency to crow at standard intervals all through the day which I obtain charming but your neighbors might not.




In case you try to raise your very own chicks, you happen to be probably going to seek out that most meat birds are usually not very broody. This signifies which you will have to pull the eggs you wish to hatch and place them within a brooder to hatch them. The brooder is definitely an necessary piece of equipment to have on hand to ensure that you could successfully raise your chicks.


Given that I have egg layers at the same time, I have had excellent luck pulling eggs in the desired hens and placing them beneath the broody hens that I have for egg production. I mark the meat bird eggs after which pull the unwanted eggs in the hen.


You are going to also will need a protected place to house your young meat birds to stop them from getting taken by predators as well as to control what they consume. I have a separate chicken run that I use to house only my meat birds. That way I know just what they are receiving fed and I can monitor them far more closely than their free range counterparts.


Raising backyard chickens for meat isn't as difficult as a lot of make it sound. The hardest part for me is to not see them as pets because then I cannot kill them and consume them. But, I know my birds are treated effectively and their meat is a lot fresher than anything that I can acquire within a shop.

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