Arbitrator’s Decision: Amy Young Designs Improperly Kept Tens of Thousands of Our Dollars

AYD International LLC / Amy Young Designs (run by Amy Young Lee / Amy McArdle) has been found liable by an independent arbitrator for improperly keeping almost $36,000 of our money. Get more information about ayd

October 21, 2020 Update

The stories keep piling in! If you have one, please let us know.

A vendor compared notes with a victim and they now have written proof that Amy doctored an invoice to substantially hike the cost of an item.

According to a lawyer friend, a case against AYD is moving its way through the courts in New York; word is that the total amount owed is in excess of $100,000. 
Plaintiffs are moving for summary judgment — i.e., a trial isn’t even necessary given the amount of evidence against AYD.

A victim told us that their homeowners insurance approved a fraud claim against AYD.

And this is just a small sampling of the stories we’ve corroborated. Again, please reach out if you’ve been harmed by AYD.

July 7, 2020 Update
On June 4, 2020, AYD International LLC / Amy Young Designs was ordered to pay us, within 30 days of the ruling, our entire award of $38,784.50. (See below for more information about how AYD kept this money from us in the first place, and how an independent arbitrator ruled entirely in our favor.) Those 30 days expired this past weekend, and despite her obligation to do so, we have not been paid.

Her refusal to pay proves that this was no mere business dispute between a company and its client. AYD International LLC / Amy Young Designs has acted, and continues to act, in bad faith by refusing to pay this arbitration award.

As mentioned in greater detail below, please be very careful doing business with AYD or its principal, Amy Young Lee / Amy McArdle.

June 16, 2020 Update
We received the arbitrator’s decision, and it is entirely in our favor.

The arbitrator has ordered AYD International LLC / Amy Young Designs to pay us $38,784.50, which is everything we asked for:

[AYD] shall pay to Claimant the sum of $35,909.50, consisting of the $23,324.50 refund amount and the $12,585.50 amount for items purchased from [AYD], but not delivered to Claimant.

The administrative fees of the AAA, totaling $1,725.00, and the fees of the Arbitrator, totaling $1,150.00, shall be borne by [AYD]. Accordingly, [AYD] is obligated to pay to Claimant the sum of $2,875.00, representing the portion of said fees previously incurred and paid by Claimant….

This Award is in full settlement of all claims submitted to this Arbitration. All claims not expressly granted herein are hereby denied.

This settles the question once and for all. AYD International LLC (sometimes Amy Young Designs), run by Amy Young Lee (sometimes Amy McArdle), improperly kept over $35,000 of our money. And we are not alone! Since posting this article we’ve heard from additional clients and vendors of hers who have had similar experiences.

Please be cautious doing business with AYD International LLC (sometimes Amy Young Designs), run by Amy Young Lee (sometimes Amy McArdle).

Here is what I wish we’d done (other than not hire her, of course!):

Perform a background check. We didn’t do this before we hired her, and that was a mistake. Public records in both New York, NY, and Jupiter, FL, reveal a number of potential red flags. (Perhaps I’ll post some of those at a later date.)

Refuse to pay up front. As we’ve now proven, AYD simply keeps money that is not theirs. Don’t trust them to buy and deliver furniture, pay vendors in full, or otherwise use your money properly. We’ve heard from clients of theirs who have been shown doctored invoices, for example. And their promises aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Refuse to allow them to photograph the project until it is complete. AYD never finished our project, yet our house is featured prominently on their website and social media accounts.

Proactively manage the vendors AYD used. As mentioned below, one of the vendors they chose for our project came by our house a few weeks ago because he hadn’t been paid for almost a third of his work. Other clients of theirs have relayed similar stories.

In short: I strongly recommend against hiring AYD! They failed to finish our project and improperly kept our money — and they may do that to you too.

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